Saturday, July 2, 2011

Dry July- Day 1

So this year I have decided to take up the challenge of "Dry July". It is a fundraising event, but I think I have left it too late to get sponsered, so I am doing it as a personal challange...and I might just save myself some money too!
I am not a huge drinker to start with, I don't really drink during the week, but I just can't help throwing back a few on friday night after a long week of making people's hair look's tough work you know!

Last night we went to one of our favourite bars, and local haunt, The Squatters Arms. It's one of those places that feels like a home and everyone likes to let loose. I was feeling tired and not very socialble, but once I got there, saw my friends and the music started, I felt good. We came to see Sleepy City Upstarts, who are a lot of fun, and played a few Specials covers, and ended with Bob Marley's Simmer Down, which is always a winner, in my opinion! Our night ended fairly early (for us, anyway!) at midnight, with Sam having an early start at work.

All in all, I think I am going to go well...but I will keep you posted!

Wish me luck

x Molly

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