Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Sam and Me, plus Dolly makes three!

Dolly, this is everyone....Everyone, this is Dolly


If you follow me on InstgaGram, you would have already seen our little nugget.

Sam and I have wanted to get a dog for years but it has never been the “right time”, mainly due to renting. But now that we have our own home (which we will be moving into in a few weeks) we decided to finally start to look for our own fur baby.

We had always been sold on flat faced dogs, and I had looked into getting a French bulldog puppy. They are very expensive, and I think would be worth the money you have to pay, but at the moment, we just couldn’t fit it into our budget. So we started thinking about getting a dog from the Animal Welfare League. I loved the idea of giving a dog a loving home that they might have never had before. I had spoken to a few of my canine loving friends about this option, and then out of the blue, my friend Samantha sent me a message saying that her best friend was moving to Cairns for work and they couldn’t take their dog with them, so would we think about taking her. Sam and I jumped at the opportunity to meet them and their beloved pugalier- who is now all ours!

Her name was Molly, but we thought that might be a little confusing, so Dolly she now is!

This is our first week with her, and we love having her! She is a social little thing, full of enery and affection. Now we cannot wait until we move into our house and settle properly!

 I’m sure you will be seeing more of this little face around soon...

 Love, Molly and Dolly x

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Good Luck!

x Molly