Saturday, February 19, 2011

Saturday Shopping + an outfit

This morning I got up bright and early and headed to the Adelaide Central Markets to do our food shopping for the week.
I love going to the markets! The food is fresh and cheap (my sister works in a continental cheese for me!), and every time I go there at least one person gives me a lovely compliment about my hair or the way I every girl loves that, don't they?!

I wore a skirt I found at a "vintage" store in Glenelg called Rewind. It is mainly filled with 80's clothes, which many people my age consider vintage, but I usually have a look in there any way. The pattern caught my eye, so I had a look at it and  saw it had a metal zipper so I am assuming it would have been home made by someone in the 50's....I checked the price and it was only $20. Yay!

Vintage Skirt- Rewind, Top- Tempt, Belt- ?, Shoes- Miss L Fire

I adore these shoes! So cute and comfortable.

Close up of my hair...just about time to get my colour done!

I got myself a little sum' sum'....some beautiful flowers and some CD's from Mr. V's Music

I was on youtube this morning and was watching a clip for Special Brew by Bad Manners and realized I had lost the CD with that song on it so I just had to go out and buy myself the album. Even though the song is about booze, I like to sing it to Sam- cos I do love him and want to spend all my money on him...well all my leftover money after buying dresses of course! If you like ska, watch the clip...there is some great skanking!

Well must be off...time to make dinner and get ready to go and see a show with some girlfriends tonight!

x Molly