Saturday, January 29, 2011

Hillbilly Lovin' at Paperdoll Pinups!

Last sunday, Sam and I set off to a friends house to do a photoshoot! It kind of started off as a joke, but I love how the photos came out! We were inspired by Uncle Belvedere Rickettes (Iggy Pop) from Cry Baby, and hillbilly trash in general.

My two lovely girlfriends- Jen and Gen helped us out. The shoot was in Jen's back yard AKA the Paperdoll Pinup's base. Her house is sooo amazing...she has a pink and black bathroom, and the sweetest candy coloured kitchen.
Jen is an amazing makeup artist and hairdresser, and has recently set up Adelaide's only Vintage/Pin-up style photography company. Check out her facebook page for photos and more info Paperdoll-Pinups

The lovely Gen snapped the photos for us. She is one of the most talented ladies I have ever met! I'm not kidding people, this lady tattoos by day and also paints, welds, works on her cars and bikes, sews and generally kicks ass!

So here are a few photos for your veiwing pleasure...

x Molly

oh thats just a helmet underneath my top :-)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Bike time & farewells

Last night, Sam and I went to our friends house for a farewell BBQ for our friend Josh.
We decided to ride our bikes!

Sam's BMX and my bike

I love my bike, it was my christmas present from Sam. I put new grips on and the basket too. I just need to find a nice seat, I'm not really a hot pink kinda gal!

My darling, Sam

and this is what I wore

Josh is off to see his amazing girlfriend, Roisin. They met in Ireland and spent three days together before he had to come back to Australia. Roisin came out 6 months later, and lived here for a year. We had some great times with her while she was here. I miss her so much!

Ahh love...

We thought this man looked like Gerry Stiller...he was creepy and smelt a little, but we had to get a photo!

Tomorrow, Sam and I are doing a photo shoot at a friends house...hopefully we get some good photos I can share!

x Molly

Saturday, January 15, 2011

That first little step...

So it is a new year- 2011. What better reason than to start my little blog! Thank you for coming to have a look-see.

I'll introduce myslef a name is Molly, I live in Adelaide, South Australia. I am a vintage lover, music junkie and soon to be wife to my wonderful fiance. I have been reading so many blogs over the past year or so and I decided it's finally time for me to dive head first into the world of blogging, and to join the online vintage community!
I'm not really sure what direction this will take, so lets see where it goes...

x Molly