Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Kustom Kulture Review

Ooops! I just realized that I didn't do a post about what would be going on at KKWE on Sunday. Slack!
Any way, I have had two days to recover now and boy did I need it! I had the best weekend I have had in a long time. Unfortunatly my camera is broken so I have had to steal some photos from facebook and show you some blurry iphone pics. Oh well, some is better than none!

Friday night I had to work late so I missed the mighty Saucermen and only caught the last song of the Rumjacks :( But I did get to see the talented Mr. Pat Capocci play. Yay! I made a bee line straight to the bar, grabbed myself a few drinks (I had alot of catching up to do!) and headed to the danced floor. My ladies and I danced the night away, boppin' and strollin'. So much fun! I have never learnt how to rock and roll/jive, but a friend grabbed me for a dance. I think I did pretty well but it has really motivated Sam and I to have some lessons so we can join the rest of out buddies out on the dance floor together.

I wore my new blue floral dress, black shoes, vintage beaded cardigan and a white whicker bag.

Me, Tracy, Tiffany & Evelyn
Sam, Hayley (Miss Hussy) and Jen (Paperdoll Pinups)

Cat (Miss Cherry Valenes), Tracy and Donna

The crowd

Donna & Christine strolling

Pat Capocci!

Saturday was chilled out with a car show, but I spent most of the day inside with Jen (Paperdoll Pinups) doing hair!

Gorgeous Evelyn!

One of my best friends, Tiffany

Jen & Leah

Adorable Tracy-Lee!

My love "Tiki" spent the whole day stripping cars, making them all pretty like!

We stayed til the end of the day, quickly went home for a shower and change of clothes, then we headed back down to the Highway for a schnitty and salt & pepper squid...mmmm! Then the crazy really started!

The first band for the night were Saturday's Army. To be honest, I didn't really like them. Their singer, who would have been about all of 19, was a bit of a know-it-all, and seemed to think that he was more "rockabilly" and better than everyone else. That really puts me off as everyone there was there for a good time, not to prove that they are cooler or better than others...hmmmph! Any way, The Satellites rocked it as usual. We took over the dance floor for some more boppin' and strollin', and then some SKANKING!!! The Strange Tennants were sooo good. Everyone loves them some skanking to a good ska band. Even the boys got up for a dance. I didn't watch the whole set as I was busy making new friends :)

Greg & Donna- the sweetest couple ever!

Miss Paula-Jane (Moxie Minx), Darren and my new friend Shea (Miss Kitty Boo)

Bernie DJing!

Miss Kitty Boo herself :)

silly skanking

More dance floor sillyness
The stunning Carla!

And her man Kyle, photographer for Chopped

More lady love

Carla, Michael & Kyle

Dean, Lara and myself

Sam and Michael

The Pin Up competiton winners were announced and they were....

1st Place- Tash Herz

2nd Place- Gen Stanfield

3rd Place- yours truely! haha
Tied with....

the freakin' beautiful Miss Hussy herself- Hayley Stoneham

Sam got his own special award- "King of the Trailer Park" hahaha

The band finished at about 2am, then a few of us grabbed a cab into the city to Enigma bar for jaegrbombs and 80's metal! Woohoo! I think those photos for another time hehehe. We got home at 5.30am (yiros in hand of course) and surpisingly Sam and I didn't have hang overs. Yahoo!
We headed off again at 11.30 for the boot sale. I shared a stall with Lady Tracy, Miss Tiffany and Lady Louise. We made a pretty penny to make up for all the cash we spent the night before. I got a few spoils from Tracy and Louise, but this post in lengthy enough, I will show you another time.

Aww...I love this lady!

At the end of the day, we were all totally pooped. The gang got together for one last time for dinner, then we went out separate ways.

If you are from Adelaide, please come next year, I promise you won't be dissapointed!

x Molly

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Outfit Post- Tuesday Blue

I had such a great day today...I wasn't feeling blue at all, but my pretty new dress sure is!
I picked it up from Red Ruby Vintage in the city. I got to start work late today, which finally gave me a chance to get into Red Ruby, seeing as they are only open Tuesday to Friday, the same hours I work. This dress has been hanging around the shop for a while, waiting for someone to take it home. It is one of those dresses that looks a bit "nothing" on the hanger, but I loved the print and the adroable bows, so when I put it on, I was pleasantly surprised. Oh and it was reduced! Which makes me feel a bit better for spending money when I really shouldn't be!
I have to say this shop is definatly one of the best in Adelaide. All of Gail's clothes are beautiful, and fairly priced...and Gail herself has a wealth of knowledge about vintage clothing which is so helpful for all those ladies out there wanting to know more about different eras of clothing.
Please excuse the crappy iPhone photos, our camera is on the fritz!

I also went to the Adelaide Central Markets, one of my favourite places in our city. It is always buzzing with people and there are so many wonderful personalities about the place.
This is what I wore today....

Outfit details- 50's/60's homemade dress- Ebay, Cardigan- Tempt, Shoes- 18th birthday gift

I was pretty pleased with my hair, it took me about 3 minutes! Yay! Although it stared to rain in the afternoon and went a bit frizzy, but hey, there's nothing a little hairspray can't fix :)

x Molly

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Kustom Kulture Weekender Part II- Saturday

Saturday always gets the biggest turn out of the whole weekend, this is because there is a car show on in the car park during the day, then another lot of great bands at night. I usually have the biggest hang over on sunday ;)

This year the car show is brought to you by Adelaide locals, The Monarchs. This year is little different from the last, it's a birthday celebration of The Monarch's 50th year as a car club! The show is for traditional style customs and hot rods but classic american cars are also welcome.

We took our '52 Pontiac last year and it was so much fun! But the poor girl misses out this year as she's broken a piston and will be off the road for quite some time :( so we will probably hop in one our friends cars and cruise down.

Our 'yak...she still has a long way to go but we love her

Kicking off at 12pm, there is pleanty of yummy BBQ food to gorge yourself on, as well as drinks, if you're keen. There is also a local surf band, Slingshot Dragster, playing in the car park, as well as DJ's spinning some tunes. There will also be pin strippers laying some lines (my fiance Tiki, and friend Tubby), PLUS my friend Jen (from Paperdoll Pin-ups) and I will be beautifying ladies, pin-up style!
There is always a nice, relaxed feeling on saturday as everyone gears up for as big night ahead.
In the afternoon, we head home for some food and to freshen up, then grab a cab back down and begin to party!

This year there is another first for Kustom Kulture, a Pin-Up Contest! Lots of pretty girls have entered and there are some sweet prizes!

* PaperDoll Pinup PacKage's no1: 3 Scene changes ,5 edited web images valued at $400 RRP
* Miss Hussy Clothing Voucher $150
* Ink or Tattoo Voucher from KKW resident Tattoo Artist Gen ( Non Transferrable) $100
* Atomic Beauty Voucher $100
* Cafe Manto meal Voucher $50
* Kiss Beverages sugar free alcoholic beverage drink packs x 2 $50
* Hair Products (sponsor to be confirmed) $50
* Chocolates from Bon Vivant $20

OVER $900 in VALUE!!

* Paper Doll Pinup Voucher $75
* Miss Hussy Clothing Voucher $50
* Ink or Tattoo Voucher from KKW resident Tattoo Artist Gen ( Non Transferrable) $100
* Equal-ibrium4 health voucher $75
* Cafe Manto meal Voucher $25
* Kiss Beverages sugar free alcoholic beverage drink packs $25
* Chocolates from Bon Vivant $20

* Ink or Tattoo Voucher from KKW resident Tattoo Artist Gen ( Non Transferrable) $100
* Chocolates from Bon Vivant $20
* Bottle of Wine donated by Cafe Manto $20
* Kiss Beverages sugar free alcoholic beverage drink packs $25

After the presentation of the winner of the Pin-Up comp, the real fun starts!

First up is newish Adelaide band, Saturday's Army. I am a little ashamed to say I haven't seen these guys play yet! Bad Molly. They are a young three peice who say their influnces are The Living end, Stray Cats, AFI, Big Country, Sum 41, The Smiths, Fall Out Boy. I love some of these bands, but I'm not so keen on Sum 41 or Fall Out Boy, so I'll be interested to see what their sound is like!

Next are Adelaide Rockabilly royalty, The Satellites. They have been playing for about 13 years now, and although some of the line up has changed, their raw energy and passion still blows their audiences away. Honestly, every show they do is powerful, fun and, of course, makes you want to dance! Plus Steve (bass & vocals) and Belinda (rhythem guitar & vocals) are the sweetest people you could ever meet! Jad (drums) is lovely too.


Ending the night are the Strange Tenants, from Melbourne. Kustom Kulture isn't just about rockabilly music, it's about anything kooky, or a bit off beat from the main stream, so it seems appropriate for these ska ledgends to finish off the evening. Again, I haven't seen these guys play before, mainly because they were around before I was born! I have listened to some of their songs on youtube...oh boy, my feet are going to be sore on sunday! If you like 80's brittish style ska, I'll meet you on the dance floor! I can not wait!

If you are from Adelaide, please come down! There is always a mixed crowed, everyone is welcome, no matter what kind of music you like or how you dress. That is what I love about Kustom Kulture!

x Molly

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Kustom Kulture Weekener Part 1- Friday Night

So there are lots of ladies out there getting ready for Viva Las Vegas 2011...Well here in Adelaide we have our own little rockin' weekender coming up call Kustom Kulture.

Here is a little of what they have to say about the weekender on their facebook page....Kustom Kulture Weekend brings together roots & related music and culture for a whole weekend of fun. It’s a whole lot more than just a festival, with around 12+ bands (interstate & local) deejays, kustom cars, tattoo artist, lowrider pushbikes, traditional ‘von dutch’ style pinstriper, stall holders, art exhibits, drink specials, giveaways, a giant boot sale, fashion, music & mayhem. This weekend offers a taste of everything “roots & related”

This year will be our 6th time going (I think) and we ALWAYS have a ball! Of course KKWE is much, much smaller than many of the rockabilly festivals in the states but it's great fun none the less. There is alot of variety, which I think is why KKWE has gotten so popular over the years.
The weekend kicks off on a Friday night with a bunch of bands from South Australia and Interstate. The line up is fantastic, with The Saucermen, The Rumjacks and Pat Capocci Combo, as well as a performace from Miss Maxie Mae from A Wink and A Smile.

Pat Capocci

I have seen Pat and his boys play two or three times now, and each time they just get better and better! Pat hails from the Maitland-Hunter region of New South Wales, and is one talented guy! He plays in a few bands and is signed to Australia's famous rockabilly lable, Press-Tone Music International. Cheak out Pat's website here to get to know a bit more about him. I personally can't wait to see him again!

The Rumjacks

Another interstate act, The Rumjacks, are Sydney based boys who play some rockin' blue collar brand of folklor 'rotgut n' roll. If you like The Pouges, Flogging Molly, Billy Bragg or the Dropkick Murphys, or just some good ol' drinking music, these guys will be right up your alley. This will be my first time seeing the lads, although we do have their album, Gangs of New Holland, I'm looking forward to it!


The Saucermen


Ahh The Saucermen...now what can I say about these guys?! The only local band on the line up friday night, I know they are going to put on a good show. These boys have been playing about Adelaide for 7 years now, and have built up a loyal fan base (myself included).  I don't even know how to describe their sound but it is AWESOME! Rockabilly, psycobilly influnced by reggae and punk rock, the Saucermen make anyone with ears want to dance! If you are from Adelaide and haven't heard The Saucermen...get on down to their next gig and get into it!

Also happening on friday night will be pleanty of stalls, which will inculde my talented fiance, Sam aka Tiki, and friend Curt aka Tubby's pin stripping stall. Sam has something special organised and I can't wait to show you but it will have to wait til after the weekender. There will also be pleanty of clothing, music and art stalls to splash your cash on!

Kustom made guitar stirpped by Tiki
One of the many cars he has laid lines on
My love doin' his thang

Oh I forgot to mention pleanty of drinks, dancing, fun and mischief with my gal pals! That's what it's all about!

x Molly