Monday, December 5, 2011

Daily Outfit- Putting up the tree!

Saturday I got up nice and early and Sam stayed in bed with a stomach bug I had during the week- poor fella!
He eventually got up and we went out to the Central Markets. After we came home, I made brownies and decorated our Christmas tree while he took a nap. Here is what I wore...

1950's Nylor blouse- gift from friend
1950's floral skirt- eBay
Earrings- gift

Close up of the shirt, earrings and my terrible roots!!
Our Kitsch-mas tree
Our latest decoration


Not long til Christmas now! I better get cracking on my shopping...

x Molly

Sweet Sundays

I swear I start every post with- Wow, I havent blogged in a long time! Bad blogger, blah blah blah. But I truely have been so busy! Sam and I have moved in with my dad to save some money for a deposit for a house, and our trip to America. It has been hard trying to squeeze all of our things from one small house, into one room! We have had to take over the shed and spare wardrobes! And I'm still buying clothes...I think I may have a problem....

I'm  not going to try and play catch-ups, but just let you all in on what I have been up to lately. And I will try to be more of a consistant blogger from now on....hopefully!!

Yesterday, a whole bunch of friends, and hot rod clubs got together for a BBQ down at a house in the south of Adelaide. There was lots of food, drinks, sunshine, good friends, and of course, nice cars!...but don't ask me much about them, I'm still learning! I only took a few photos of the cars on our way up. Once we were all set up, I was ready to sit and chat with my lady friends, and play with their sweet kiddies.

On our way down the highway

Sean "Dogslead"- GRINDERS CBB

Michael- Road Knights


Dogslead & M
Greg & Donna

"Pop" the GRINDERS un-offical mascot ^_^

Pop and Scarlet
My main man- Clash, and my best gal Tiffany, his gorgeous Mama
Pop and I
It was a great day, and I even got a bit of a tan!

Til next time,

x Molly

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sydney in September

Here are a few snaps from our trip to Sydney after the wedding...

Walking to the airport from our house

Yay! About to adventure around Sydney Town

Hot chocolate at the Lindt cafe

A cheeky lego man!

Sam being all artistic with the settings on my camera while we get ready to go for dinner

Kings Cross

Cocktails ar Rocklily Bar in the casino...these were dangerous!

Aaron (Ctp. Reckless from Zombie Ghost Train), Sam and I

Drinks with friends at Gardel's Bar

Pie face! How dissapointing!

Outfit shot! Off to Bondi

At Bondi Beach, pretty place but soooo windy the day we went!

Rubbish Tree

More Bondi. I like pink buildings

Elevator faces

Oxford Street

We had a ball! I really enjoyed the vibe of Sydney and I hope to go back soon! There are so many spots we didn't get to go to, but will next time.

Here are a few places you have to check out if you are planning a trip to Sydney

  • Retrospec'd Clothing- I loved this shop and spent up big...but it was worth every cent! Quality reproduction clothing that is cute, comfortable and not overpriced! The red striped knit I have on in a few photos is a firm favourite of mine at the moment
  • Hyde Park- our hotel was a stone's throw away from Hyde Park and Sam and I walked through it a few times. There was something about it that I just loved...a big park with beautiful old trees in the middle of a bustling city
  • Oxford Street- was interesting to walk up and down, with a whole lot of shops, cafes and gay bars! We popped in to a few vintage stores but the prices were a little hefty for me. There was one place with the most uhhh-maay-zing selection of bakelite brooches and bangles, but starting at $500- a bit much for my modest budget!
  • Porteno's Resturant and Gardels Bar- FABULOUS food, cocktails, music, service, atmosphere, boys behind the bar...all I'm saying is GO! GO! GO! I personally guarantee you will fall in love with this place
  • Drey Rolland Band at Rocklily- I never thought I would see a band in a casino that I would like, but this group of talented and cute people were so great! Highly recommend!
x Molly

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Our Wedding Day

So all the excitement and stress of our wedding ended almost one month time flies by! I thought I would share some photos and memories from our day...

Make up time!

My wonderful Mother-In-Law getting done up

Me sans make-up...gasp!

The most amazing, supportive and beautiful woman I've ever know- my Mama!


My maid of honer, my darling younger sister


My sweetie cousin and bridesmaid

Being stupid

Beers at the skate park

My love and his best man

Helping my brother-in-law with his braces

Lipstick time!

When we saw each other for the first time (that day of course!)

Mama and me

Sam having a quick roll before we got hitched

My 13 yr old cousin Max made our cake! Sam's great-granparents and my grandparents wedding photos too

One of my favourite moments! Everyone cheered, clapped and yelled when we walked in
Our first dance...can't remember what song it was! Ooops!

The day was all that we wanted and more. Relaxed, fun and full of love and laughs. Although I don't think I'll be doing it again any time soon!

x Molly