Saturday, January 29, 2011

Hillbilly Lovin' at Paperdoll Pinups!

Last sunday, Sam and I set off to a friends house to do a photoshoot! It kind of started off as a joke, but I love how the photos came out! We were inspired by Uncle Belvedere Rickettes (Iggy Pop) from Cry Baby, and hillbilly trash in general.

My two lovely girlfriends- Jen and Gen helped us out. The shoot was in Jen's back yard AKA the Paperdoll Pinup's base. Her house is sooo amazing...she has a pink and black bathroom, and the sweetest candy coloured kitchen.
Jen is an amazing makeup artist and hairdresser, and has recently set up Adelaide's only Vintage/Pin-up style photography company. Check out her facebook page for photos and more info Paperdoll-Pinups

The lovely Gen snapped the photos for us. She is one of the most talented ladies I have ever met! I'm not kidding people, this lady tattoos by day and also paints, welds, works on her cars and bikes, sews and generally kicks ass!

So here are a few photos for your veiwing pleasure...

x Molly

oh thats just a helmet underneath my top :-)

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  1. You guys definitely achieved the look you were going for, Cry Baby was the first thing I thought of when I saw this!

    Jen's house sure is amazing... That kitchen is to die for!