Saturday, January 22, 2011

Bike time & farewells

Last night, Sam and I went to our friends house for a farewell BBQ for our friend Josh.
We decided to ride our bikes!

Sam's BMX and my bike

I love my bike, it was my christmas present from Sam. I put new grips on and the basket too. I just need to find a nice seat, I'm not really a hot pink kinda gal!

My darling, Sam

and this is what I wore

Josh is off to see his amazing girlfriend, Roisin. They met in Ireland and spent three days together before he had to come back to Australia. Roisin came out 6 months later, and lived here for a year. We had some great times with her while she was here. I miss her so much!

Ahh love...

We thought this man looked like Gerry Stiller...he was creepy and smelt a little, but we had to get a photo!

Tomorrow, Sam and I are doing a photo shoot at a friends house...hopefully we get some good photos I can share!

x Molly

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