Monday, December 5, 2011

Daily Outfit- Putting up the tree!

Saturday I got up nice and early and Sam stayed in bed with a stomach bug I had during the week- poor fella!
He eventually got up and we went out to the Central Markets. After we came home, I made brownies and decorated our Christmas tree while he took a nap. Here is what I wore...

1950's Nylor blouse- gift from friend
1950's floral skirt- eBay
Earrings- gift

Close up of the shirt, earrings and my terrible roots!!
Our Kitsch-mas tree
Our latest decoration


Not long til Christmas now! I better get cracking on my shopping...

x Molly


  1. What a positively perfect hair roll!

  2. You are just too cute! And I love your Kitschmas tree. :)
    -Andi x

  3. You are too cute! Your hair and makeup are perfection!! merry Christmas, doll!

  4. I must say you look absolutely amazing all the time! It's brettyspunk from IG too :)