Saturday, October 1, 2011

Our Wedding Day

So all the excitement and stress of our wedding ended almost one month time flies by! I thought I would share some photos and memories from our day...

Make up time!

My wonderful Mother-In-Law getting done up

Me sans make-up...gasp!

The most amazing, supportive and beautiful woman I've ever know- my Mama!


My maid of honer, my darling younger sister


My sweetie cousin and bridesmaid

Being stupid

Beers at the skate park

My love and his best man

Helping my brother-in-law with his braces

Lipstick time!

When we saw each other for the first time (that day of course!)

Mama and me

Sam having a quick roll before we got hitched

My 13 yr old cousin Max made our cake! Sam's great-granparents and my grandparents wedding photos too

One of my favourite moments! Everyone cheered, clapped and yelled when we walked in
Our first dance...can't remember what song it was! Ooops!

The day was all that we wanted and more. Relaxed, fun and full of love and laughs. Although I don't think I'll be doing it again any time soon!

x Molly


  1. Awwww. These are lovely photos, you both look great. Some wonderful memories to look back on in time and i love the idea of having both of your grear grandparents photos with the cake :D CONGRATULATIONS!!

  2. Oh Molly, you look incredible!!!! and most of all so happy. I actually came across some of these pictures on helen roberts photography's blog, as I'm wedding planning now, too :D They are so beautiful they took my breath away! I'm so glad the day was an exciting one.
    I'm interested to know where you got your hair and makeup done? I'm looking around at the moment for someone to help with mine. You look immaculate, but then again you always do :)
    I also adore your dress, and your bridesmaids :D
    Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. Bella VonBluebell- Thank you so much. It feels like a life time ago now! Iloved having those photos there too :) it made me miss them though

    Erin- Thank you so much! Helen is such a wonderful photographer. She and my mum have been friends since they were about 16 and I grew up with her two kids, who are a few years younger than me. She was actually taking photos at my birth when she was a nurse!
    My makeup was done by my wonderful friens Jen Rossiter of Paperdoll Pin Ups, and I did my own hair (hairdresser!!) :)
    I was so happy with the way it all came together. My dress was a bargain off etsy ($180 inculding shipping), and the girls were from pin-up girl clothing.
    Good luck with the plans, I'm sure it will all go well! Big love to you and your man!
    x Molly