Monday, January 16, 2012

Perfect Vanilla Cupcakes from Glorious Treats

So we had a special 2nd birthday party to go to on the weekend, and I was asked if I could make some cupcakes. Being the perfectionist I am, and not into making cake from a packet (and I don't judge anyone who does- I just like to make food from scratch when I can), I hopped on the internet to look for the perfect vanilla cupcake...and found it pretty much straight away! Thanks to Glory at Glorious Treats.

On Friday night, I stopped into the supermarket on my way home from work, gathered all my ingredients, drove home, popped on my cutest apron and got to work.

The only problem I had with this recipe was that is said to fill the cupcake patties 2/3 of the way up, which lead to overflowing cupcakes *sad face* . Although they tasted delicious, they weren’t 100% perfect (being anal, again!!), but I still had time to make another batch, which I filled half way up, and they came out PERFECT!! Yay!!

I then made the cream cheese/butter cream icing and dyed it pink. They turned out so pretty! My lovely friend Tracy-Lee, who is the baking queen in our group of ladies said- “oh my, these really do taste as good as they look!”.  Needless to say, I was a little pleased with myself.

The recipe for these little heavenly morsels is here and the icing here. I am so glad I found Glory’s blog! I’m looking forward to trying more of her recipes.

Sugary kisses,

x Molly


  1. Love love love this post ! Sugar, where do you hail from? Have we met? You look so familiar to me........

    1. Hi!! Thank you...these cupcakes always get eaten quickly where ever I take them :)
      I live in Adelaide...I saw you live in Melbourne, right? Maybe we have some friends in common? Do you know Hayley...she used to have Miss Hussy clothing? Or Paula Jane from Powderpuff Boutique? They are friends of mine...