Monday, August 1, 2011

Sunday Market Crawl

Yesterday, Sam and I got up at the crack of dawn, and headed off to a swap-meet at the Greyhound Racing Track, in Angle Park. There was lots and lots of car stuff, but nothing for out '52 Pontiac, and no pretty things for me! That was until we were leaving and Sam spotted a cute picnic basket. Yay!
After having the mandatory swap-meet breakfast (bacon and egg sandwich...mmmm), we decided to head off to the Brighton High Boot Sale. We came away witha few treasures, so all in all, it was worth getting up so early. Here is what we scored....

Picnic Basket- $5

1950's Decanter- $2

Bar Set- $2

And my favourite find of the day......

1950's atomic lamp $8!!

It needs a bit of work- the fibre glass shade needs to be screwed back on, (thats why it looks a little lop-sided) and I might have it re-wired, just to make sure it's safe.
I also got a gorgeous 50s/60s umbrella with a bamboo handle (I love bamboo), and Sam scored a great hand tooled leather wallet, both $5.

So, did anyone else score some weeked bargains?

x Molly


  1. Lovely finds!! I must start going to these boot sales too... might see you there sometime!! :)

  2. Miss Mint Palace- I will try to remember to post some details about upcoming boot sales and swap meets. Most of the time it is just car parts but you do get a gem here and there. Please do some and say hello if you see me!
    x Molly

  3. Oh la la la !!!! Nice finds :)