Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Sam and Me, plus Dolly makes three!

Dolly, this is everyone....Everyone, this is Dolly


If you follow me on InstgaGram, you would have already seen our little nugget.

Sam and I have wanted to get a dog for years but it has never been the “right time”, mainly due to renting. But now that we have our own home (which we will be moving into in a few weeks) we decided to finally start to look for our own fur baby.

We had always been sold on flat faced dogs, and I had looked into getting a French bulldog puppy. They are very expensive, and I think would be worth the money you have to pay, but at the moment, we just couldn’t fit it into our budget. So we started thinking about getting a dog from the Animal Welfare League. I loved the idea of giving a dog a loving home that they might have never had before. I had spoken to a few of my canine loving friends about this option, and then out of the blue, my friend Samantha sent me a message saying that her best friend was moving to Cairns for work and they couldn’t take their dog with them, so would we think about taking her. Sam and I jumped at the opportunity to meet them and their beloved pugalier- who is now all ours!

Her name was Molly, but we thought that might be a little confusing, so Dolly she now is!

This is our first week with her, and we love having her! She is a social little thing, full of enery and affection. Now we cannot wait until we move into our house and settle properly!

 I’m sure you will be seeing more of this little face around soon...

 Love, Molly and Dolly x

SparkleLux Give Away at The Rockabilly Socialite

If you haven't seen already, Dollie and SparkleLux are giving away a beautiful pair of confetti lucite earrings of your choice! Click here to enter!

Good Luck!

x Molly

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Our House

Next month, Sam and I will get the keys to our very first home! We are so excited to become the second ever owners of this little cutie.

It was built in 1962, and is almost untouched. There are a few things that we will be changing, such a floors, paint and adding some storage, but we will definatly be keeping it a vintage home. I will keep you all posted with our renovations. Yay!

x Molly

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Saving, saving....SHOP!

Sam and I have been saving a lot of our money to get a deposit for a house...but being the online shopping addict that I am (and I know I'm not alone here...) I have gotten myself a few things here and there...

I scored this bakelite and lucite brooch from Ebay

This lamp was a great find on Gumtree, and it was only around the corner from out house! We were lucky that someone else never showed up to look at it, so we scored it for a neat $50 (hey, that is cheap in Australia!) I can not wait to have this in our future lounge room, sitting on our danish-style lounge reading a book (or blogs) under the day!

If you haven't seen or heard of Luxulite, check out their Etsy shop for lovely jewellery and brooches...I went a little mad but it was worth it!

I also have a few things on lay-buy at my friend's shop, which includes this stunning is a deadstock polished cotton boned dress, with plastic-ish roses sewn on, and with a is the most expensive dress I have bought so far, but if I was to find this beauty in Sydney, Melbourne or etsy it would be twice the price! I can't wait to wear it out.

A girl has to treat herself every now and then, don't ya think?
What are your latest purchases or bargains?
x Molly

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Miss Molly's Music- The ReChords

Two years ago when Sam was at Chopped Rod & Custom festival, he saw The ReChords. He thought I would like them, so the sweet fella got me thier cd, On The Wagon. I have this on high-rotation in my car, in our house, and anywhere else I am ever since. They are a real sold three piece, playing hillbilly infused rockabilly with some of the best harmonies I have heard.

Next friday 28th September the guys will crossing the boarder from their home-town of Melbourne to play at the Port Dock Hotel. If you are in Adelaide, come on down and watch these guys play! Hope to see you there...

x Molly

Chopped Rod & Custom 2012

"Taking place an hour and a half north of Melbourne, Chopped is a unique cultural experience similar to that of being thrown back to a 1950s/60s Hop Up Carnavale. Thousands of fans from around the country partake in a mix of traditional style hot rods & custom cars alongside bobber & chopper motorcycles with entrants running head-to-head throughout the show in two-lane old-style dirt drags entertaining the crowds.

Throughout the day and into the night the crowds constantly switch their attention between the field of dirt drags and cars across to the stage where 15 bands play Rockabilly, Garage & Rock through to Blues, Country & Surf in the setting of the 'Tiki Palace' bar that drops you back into 1960s island life with Cocktails, Tikis, & Period DJ's visually drowned by palms, bamboo and a giant Easter Island Head that lights up the sky at night by popping its top and flaming into the darkness"

This will be the first year that I will be making the treck over to Newstead, Victoria, for Chopped Rod & Custom festival! Sam has gone for the last few years (every year besides the first I believe) and he and all of our friends always have an awesome time. I'm usually stuck at work doing wedding hair. Not this year! I'm a little excited to camp, be cold, get dirty and drunk with my friends, old and some new too, hopefully!

Newstead is about a 10 to 11 hour drive from Adelaide, so I'm making a big play list on my ipod to entertain us on the way, so we don't have to play too many "I Spy" games. We are planning to arrive mid-day Friday and set up camp. I have been informed by my lovely husband that "it is impossible to be hung over at Chopped"...I think I will be testing this theory out, hopefully he is right!

Besides the cars and dirt drags as entertainment, as mentioned there will be live bands playing too. Yes, this is a hot rod and custom festival, but no, not all the bands that are playing are rockabilly bands. I love rockabilly but I also find this refreshing! In Australia, as I'm sure is probably the case around the world, not all hot rodding types are into rockabilly music, so there is a variety of acts playing. One band that I am looking forward to seeing is La Mancha Negra. Dirty, garage blues with a little surf influnce...sounds good to me.

Chopped is all about traditional style cars, booze, mud and shiny billet wheels and rock and rollers in their matching poodle skirts and shirts here! It's about having fun, talking shit and getting your cars (and maybe yourself) dirty. I can't wait to show you all what we get up to!
Hell yeah, bring on October 5th, 6th and 7th!

x Molly

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Fuel Issue 10 Launch

Last Saturday, I made my way down to Autotransformers Car Shop for the launch of the 10th issue of FUEL Magazine and the first ever FUEL TANK Annual dvd launch. Of course, Sam was striping away, and I was chatting and socialising with friends. I would have loved to share more photos of the cars and bikes that were there but silly me, I took my camera that was pretty much flat, and didn't realize until I got there and started taking photos....of course, I did manage to snap a pic of what I wore...

Vintage beaded swearer- Etsy, Skirt- Bettie Page Clothing, Shoes- Hand made 1940's style suede shoes- Rock and Roll Products in the UK

Here are a few previews of the DVD. It is a fantastic representation of Australian hot rodding (well the good stuff anyway!)

My hat goes off to Luke, who (of course, with help from others) has put so much work in to the magazine and DVD. If you dig tradtional hot rods, kustoms, bikes or neat cars in general, go over to their website and order yourself a copy or two.

x Molly